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This is a dynamic platform designed to provide first -hand experience for students in various areas of the company’s operations. The following objectives have been included in the program:

  1. To help industrial training students master professional soft skills such as communication, punctuality and time management.
  2. To master the company's experties from our team specialist.
  3. To help a student decide if a particular career is a good match for their personality, lifestyle, passions and goals.
  4. This way a student can avoid spending time and money on training for a career that does not really suit their abilities or needs.



  1. Malaysian students pursuing certificates, diploma and bachelor's degree at institutions of higher learning, where internship is a compulsory part of completing their course (priority will be given to third and final year students).
  2. Submission of the following documents (complete documents must be submitted through the application portal)
  3. Resume Copy of latest academic results
  4. Copy of Industrial Training / Internship Letter (signed by the University)


Terms & Conditions:

  1. Applications must be submitted a minimum of one (1) month prior to the start of the internship period.
  2. If you do not receive any reply from us within two (2) weeks prior to the start date of your industrial training period, please consider your application is unsuccessful.
  3. Acceptance or rejection of the offer must be notified within six (6) working days.
  4. Only online applications will be served.
  5. Postal / courier applications are considered incomplete.


What you will learn at Maryam Khadijah :


  1. Editing images and videos
  2. Contribute creative and innovative ideas in line with current trends.
  3. Photo/ videographer skill



  1. Make sure product quality assurance throughout the production process
  2. Prepare reports on performance and progress,
  3. Overseeing quality control throughout the production process
  4. Make sure production is completed before the deadline



  1. To make sure all technology equipment function well
  2. Managing website
  3. Create system for company
  4. E-commerce
  5. Custom website



  1. Answer calls from customers
  2. Support the CRE team handling customer inquiries
  3. Responsible for detailing problematic customer complaints
  4. Respond to daily sales orders and inquiries from customers via email
  5. Monitor customer service standards within the company



  1. Promote the company's products and services using the website, social media, marketing materials and other products
  2. Create written media and spoken for company use
  3. Distribute marketing copy to advertise the company and products
  4. Promote in all social media not just on Tiktok
  5. Creating advertisements



  1. Record all financial transactions into the system
  2. Conduct company expense transactions
  3. Liaise with internal or external parties related to finance
  4. Controlling and managing the use of company finances
  5. Prepare monthly company financial reports
  6. Receive documents from internal or external vendors and record into the system
  7. Make monthly and annual budget plans for the company's expenses
  8. Handle financial work as a whole (full set) by ensuring all documentation is complete
  9. Make payment checks from customers
  10. Provide payment vouchers and supporting documents for payment purposes
  11. Get approval from the top director to make any payment



  1. Make sure product stock is sufficient for all distribution channels
  2. Manage stock determination and make sure physical stock calculation with the same system
  3. Manage stock determination and make sure physical stock calculation with the same system
  4. Check and record stock details into the system
  5. Verify and label stock for storage and transfer
  6. Make a list of reject items



  1. Editing images and videos
  2. Contribute creative and innovative ideas in line with current trends.
  3. Photo/ videographer skill
  4. Perform photo and video content editing for advertisement and social media
  5. Collaborate and share ideas with creative teams to create compelling video content
  6. Having photoshoot equipment is an advantage.



  1. Responsible for fulfil customer need
  2. Work with customers to make sure they are up-to-date on products
  3. Prepare sales reports
  4. Monitor the work given to subordinates
  5. Draw up a plan to increase the company's sales



  1. Managing staff
  2. Provide skill improvement training to employees
  3. Control the company's policy
  4. Monitor staff performance in terms of attendance, behavior and assignments
  5. Meet the needs of employees
  6. Manage employee employment contracts
  7. Create a positive work environment
  8. Manage the physical document and filing system and the company's internal system
  9. Manage and arrange any meetings according to company regulations
  10. Perform current tasks or instructions from company management
  11. Manage the company's official affairs


Resume can sent through email job.maryamkhadijah@gmail.com

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