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Nabawi Mosque

A second holy place for Muslims around the world and also one of the largest mosque buildings in the world, the Prophet's Mosque in the center of Medina is the next religious tourist destination that Toppers can visit during the Umrah journey to the Holy Land.
Formerly this holy place was the home of the Prophet Muhammad when he migrated to Medina. This mosque is also the last resting place of the Prophet Muhammad with Abu Bakr and Umar bin Khattab.

Jabal Rahmah

The religious tourist destination in the Holy Land that Toppers can visit during the Umrah journey is Jabal Rahmah. The 70 -meter -high rock hill that now has a monument at the top is where the Prophet Adam met Siti Hawa for the first time after being expelled from heaven. It is this historical value that is the main attraction of people visiting this never quiet religious tourist place.

Quba Mosque

Built by the Prophet Muhammad for the first time in 1 Hijri (622 AD), Quba Mosque is one of the historic mosques in the Holy Land that is often used as a pilgrimage tourist destination after Umrah.

The mosque, which is identical to the white color, has been renovated and restored several times and still stands majestic and strong.

Hira Cave

The small stone cave known as Hira Cave is a religious tourist destination in the Holy Land that Toppers should not miss after Umrah. This cave is the place where the Prophet Muhammad first received Revelation from God. However, to be able to reach Hira Cave, Toppers need to climb a rather tricky cliff. So, make sure the Toppers are in prime and physically fit before deciding to stop by this one religious tourist attraction in the Holy Land.

Jawatha Mosque

Despite having a simpler architecture and not as boastful as the famous mosques in the Holy Land such as the Grand Mosque or the Prophet’s Mosque, but the Jawatha Mosque is one of the historical sites in Saudi Arabia and is the oldest mosque in the Holy Land.

Today, some of the structures of the original mosque building have been restored and replaced, but the Jawatha Mosque still stands strong as a place of worship for Muslims. Its distinctive architecture is also a separate attraction of this religious tourist attraction in Saudi Arabia.

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