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Sarung Hogar Sida Spanish Pink

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Sarung Hogar Sida Spanish Pink

RM 33.00 RM 119.00

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Sarung Hogar Sida Spanish Pink
Sarung Hogar Sida Spanish Pink
Sarung Hogar Sida Spanish Pink
Sarung Hogar Sida Spanish Pink
Sarung Hogar Sida Spanish Pink
Sarung Hogar Sida Spanish Pink
Sarung Hogar Sida Spanish Pink
Sarung Hogar Sida Spanish Pink
Sarung hogar sida spanish pink
Ref No SHSSP5083
RM 33.00 RM 119.00
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5 of 5 Rates!
Verified Purchase
Wednesday 08 May, 2024
Alhamdulilah dah sampaii, semua cantik2. dan sukenyeeee. terima kasih yeee
5 of 5 Rates!
Verified Purchase
Thursday 21 December, 2023
Waalaikumsalam wr wb… usually not so soon sebab nak ke S’pore makan masa sikit. So far… Alhamdulillah… cik suka MK tudung sebab most designs yg cik beli berdagu…… kecuali ada yg tak ada sebab warna yg cik nak tak berdagu. Kalau pakai tudung berdagu senang sikit… ready utk sholat… mudah (tak payah nak bawa telekong kemana2) 😍 Material utk Hogar Sida the best for sports wear… light and comfy!… previously known as Umma Sports… tu yg cik tercari2 mulanya sebab dah tukar nama…. Kalau Hogar Sida keluarkan lebih byk warna… best jugak. Tudung ni ringan dan senang utk dibawa for travels… material cepat kering! 👍🏼🥰
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Made from quick-drying poly-spandex jersey, this lightweight, breathable collection keeps you comfortable rain or shine. Now enhanced with antimicrobial nanotechnology for odorless antibacterial comfort. Get moving and stay active with our new and improved line of sports hoods.

Inspired by the Sarung Shawl, we created Hogar Sida to meet the needs of those who love to wear a Sarung but want to look good for their workouts or activities.

This Hogar Sida hood comes with a part that has been sewn on the shoulder, it is easier to wear and very flowy.

  • Color     : Spanish Pink
  • Material : Poly-Spandex Jersey
  • Type      : Sarung Shawl
  • Size       : L | XL
  • Face Size : ± 11.0" - 11.5"



Maryam Khadijah Group Sdn.Bhd. (1423654-P)
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Sarung Hogar Sida Spanish Pink

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