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Long Shawl Daisy Cloud

RM 89.00 RM 69.00

Long Shawl Daisy Cloud

RM 89.00 RM 69.00

Hurry! only 4 left in stock.





With an impressive style and Korean Chiffon fabric, Big Printed collection updates your favourite long shawl. It comes with premium quality and large size and it is one of the collection is proudly made to reflect exciting local designs.

  • Color : Daisy Cloud
  • Material : Korean Chiffon
  • Label : Metal Tag
  • Measurement, metre (L x W) : 2.0 * 0.7





Raya Envelope


We are giving away an exclusive Raya envelopes in conjunction with the Aidilfitri celebration special for you.









Balanced Floral Design


We design beautiful floral arrangements when these floral arrangements rules are understood and used correctly.









Engraved Metal Tag


The powerful about our metal tag was simple design but memorable enough to give the desired impression of career woman.









Being Modest


The large size empowers you with muslimah-look pride and affection, and the impact of modesty also helps to feel better.









Neatly Placed On Head


Korean Chiffon’s unique material texture creates a wonderful style and easy to shape, particularly on your top head.









Non-See Through


The material structure is not thin and has a very low opacity. Ready to use in solat and no double layer (inner) is required to cover the neck.









Unique Floral Design


Perceived as a largely positive color for most individuals. Cold, colorful and invigorating, it mixes fresh colour with confidence and idealism.








This is Long Shawl


Long shawl is definitely becomes one of the choices for women to suit their tastes to style their own way. Here’s the colour of Daisy for you to select your favourite colour that captivates your heart.



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