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Instant Big Awning Olivia Root

RM 105.00 RM 85.00

Instant Big Awning Olivia Root

RM 105.00 RM 85.00

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Be a veiled inspiration


Discover the latest Big Printed fashion that features super-comfortable design with Awning Scuba. It makes you staying cool and covered with this curvy design to comfy with your shoulder and soft Awning Scuba which easy to handle and looks really beautiful on you.

  • Color : Olivia Root
  • Material : Korean Chiffon with Awning Scuba
  • Label : Metal Tag
  • Measurement, metre (L x W) : 2.2 * 0.75


Let’s feel more satisfied by watching our videos. Let’s take a look !



Balanced Floral Prints


When these principles of flowers arrangement are properly understood and applied, we design an unique design with a beautiful floral design.







Engraved Metal Tag


The powerful about our metal tag was simple design but memorable enough to give the desired impression of career woman.







Being Modest


Large size gives you pride and love for the appearance of a muslim woman, and the power of self-righteousness also makes you feel stronger. Provide comfort to all veiled women.







Yes it is Scuba !


The texture of the material made from Korean Chiffon produces a beautiful style and is neatly placed on the top of your head. Besides, the new version of Big Printed Instant Shawl comes with Awning Scuba, sure it will be shaped easily.







Non-See Through


The structure of the material used complies with the Shari’ah because the fabric is not thin. Can be used to perform prayers.







Unique Floral Prints


For most people, consider it is a very positive color. Beautiful and calm to look at, it combines fresh colors with optimism and idealism.







This is Instant


The awning instant scarf is definitely one of the options for every woman who wears a hijab. With the awning it makes more comfy and stylish.



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