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Instant Big Akasia Razzel

RM99.00 RM79.00

Instant Big Akasia Razzel

RM99.00 RM79.00

Hurry! only 72 left in stock.



Modesty is the best jewel of a woman


The Big Printed is an instant 2 loop shawl made from Korean Chiffon specially designed for you with an elegant design and high quality of material. It is an easy-to-wear and comfortable as they are made of an unique fabric and the design are stylish and practical.

  • Color : Akasia Razzel
  • Material : Korean Chiffon
  • Label : Metal Tag
  • Measurement, metre (L x W) : 2.2 * 0.75


Let’s feel more satisfied by watching our videos. Let’s take a look !




Balanced Floral Design


When these floral rules are realized and used correctly, we design gorgeous floral arrangements in balance.









Engraved Metal Tag


The powerful about our metal tag was simple design but memorable enough to give the desired impression of career woman.









Being Modest


The large size empowers you with pride and love for the Islamic look, and the power of modesty also helps you to feel much better.









Neatly Placed On Head


Unique texture of material Korean Chiffon creates a wonderful styling and easy to form especially on your top head.









Non-See Through


The material structure is not thin, the opacity is very low. Ready to solat and do not need a double layer (inner) to cover the neck.









Unique Floral Design


For most people, it is described as a largely positive colour. Cheerful, dynamic and invigorating, it blends fresh colour with optimism and idealism.









This is Instant


Instant shawl is definitely becomes one of the choices for women to update their shawl collection. It is an easy-to-wear style that is stunning and elegant. Here are the Akasia colour for you to pick your favourite colour that captivate your heart.



February 19, 2021
Sy suka labuh dan senang pakai.
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Maizatul Hamzah
February 1, 2021
Material sgt selesa dan lembut...corak canteekkk...bidang yg besar selesa menutup aurat...nk repeat order lg...inshaaAllah
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