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Bawal On Point Black Cave 50″


Bawal On Point Black Cave 50″


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Our Bawal On Point refines the design for a new generation of square scarf by its awning will always be on point. In addition, it is made of Korean Cotton Voile fabric and the most important the opacity is not a problem here. It comes from several colors to select your favourite color for you. This is made up for you, for Bawal lovers.

  • Color : Black Cave
  • Material : Korean Cotton Voile
  • Measurement, metre (L x W) : 50″ * 50″​


Baby Seam


Neat baby seam makes bawal lover more beautiful and attractive.







Cotton Voile


This bawal uses cotton voile material. Of course, the bawal veil is very easy to wear and practical. It is comfortable and the fabric is cool.









The best veil, most optimal is most suitable in terms of softness and lightweight. It provides comfort and a soft handfeel when wearing it.







Minimal Iron


The fabric is not easily wrinkled and easy to iron. It really easily formed even with minimal iron. It really does save your time.







On Point


Easy to shape at the top of the head, neat and very comfortable to wear. The awning is well formed throughout the day. No need for starch. It will make your day more confident and give a cheerful mood.









One of the advantages of bawal is that the port can be adjusted. It can be worn according to the suitability of the port. There are various area sizes that the wearer can choose.







Not Uncommonly


Bawal on point is not uncommonly and it is not necessary to wear an inner to cover the neck. It is suitable for use during prayers.



February 5, 2021
Tudung yg baik n berkualiti n best sgt pakai
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